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A very general term covering a multitude of possibilities! It could be starting from scratch with no records other than a bag of receipts, right through to reconciling bank statements and completing VAT returns.


Sales & Purchase Invoices


Raising and sending customer invoices. Chasing payments and reporting on Aged Debtors.​

Inputting purchase invoices and scheduling payments. Reporting on invoices due for payment.

Bank Reconciliation


Do your books balance?! Reconciling your accounts on a monthly basis is a great way to ensure you have recorded everything and if there are any issues it is much easier to track them when they are recent than trying to find them months later.




VAT returns normally need to be completed every quarter. Usually resulting in a bill to pay to the HMRC! If you don't file in time you may incur fines.


Accounting Packages

Quickbooks, Xero, Sage and many bespoke packages. Many services from advice on which package to use, full set up, subscription, or simply continuing with what is already in place.

Cost Analysis


Do you know where your main spends are? Are your costs currently all under one heading, making them hard to analyse? Do you know how much you spend on 'sundries' each month, the little things can add up! We can help you answer all these questions and many more.​

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